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Indian Head Massage

Acupressure massage to release stress in the head, neck & shoulders... read more

Sport massage

deep tissue massage for strains, injuries and repetitive strain injury... read more 


Foot massage that flushes toxins out of the body and boosts circulation... read more

Swedish body massage

Full body massage to ease strain, loosen knots and relax the whole body... read more

CBD oil massage

Anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties ease muscles and joints... read more

Run by qualified holistic therapist & masseur, Christopher Southerton, In Good Hands is Northwich's answer to back pain, injury, relaxation and overall health & wellbeing.

We offer a range of treatments from relaxing massage to the treatment of strain and injuries.

Christopher's treatments including aromatherapy massage, Swedish body massage, Indian head massage, half body massage and reflexology.

With a choice of oils including aromatherapy and CBD oil, holistic massage is the perfect treat for your health and wellbeing.

Essential oils have maintained health for thousands of years and are produced by extracting aromatic essences from flowers, leaves, fruits, roots and trees.

Essential Oils can have many properties inluding anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antidepressant so are perfect for massage therapy.

We treat patients at various stages of treatment including event warm up/down and injury & strain prevention through to advanced stage injuries that are having a significant impact on quality of life. 

Factors such as your medical history, age, current state of health and physical fitness may affect the treatment offered to you and treatment is very individualised to each patient in order to achieve the best results.

There are many reasons for choosing massage treatment from having a serious inquiry and needing pain relief through to simply wanting to relax and unwind - treatment is tailored accordingly.

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“Christopher's massage is perfect to keep my neck, shoulders and arm working, especially as I spend all day on a computer.”

Tracey Cleminson
Web Designer

“What an amazing way to spend an afternoon. So relaxing and I sleep well the night after a treatment with Christopher.”

Jodie Smith

“Christopher is a true professional. He treats me for warm up and warm down and it's made all the difference.”

Nick Harris
Rubgy Player

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